At Elyxr CBD, we have crafted choice blends into our Delta 8 tinctures.


One of the biggest things you’re probably wondering is what it feels like. The effects of Delta-8 vary from person to person, and your experience will be contingent on how you ingest it and what strain you choose.

But by and large, here are the main effects of delta 8

– Increased relaxation

– A sense of calm

– Feeling happy or content

– A heightened ability to focus

– Increased energy

– Increased appetite

When it comes to your desired experience, it’s essential to pick the right strain. If you’re more concerned with energy and focus, you should choose a Sativa like Blue Dream. This is an excellent option for daytime use as it will keep you alert while stimulating creativity. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to help you unwind after a long day, an Indica like Blackberry Chill would be your best bet. Indicas can also aid with sleep. 

At Elyxr, we have crafted choice blends into our delta 8 tinctures. Each blend contains a unique mix of strains that work together to provide you with a desired effect. Choose from options such as focus, sleep, or passion. 





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