LOKI Seltzer’s

People drink for many reasons, and flavor is just one.

LOKI represents the future of non-alcoholic beverages. A delicious, sociable drink infused with THC, that leaves consumers feeling creative and inspired.

We did our research and brought innovators and creative thinkers together to craft a unique seltzer your mind can sense after just one serving.

We’re here with something low-calorie and uplifting. LOKI fits into our lives as a euphoric alternative to alcohol that keeps us creative, social, and immersed in the moment.

Our experiences in life are what make

Each one of us unique.

Sip the experience, keep it LOKI.

Hangovers suck, and the world is ready for a better drink. Say hello to Delta-8 Cannabis Seltzers.

The Delta 8 experience

Delta-8 creates more of an in-your-body sensation and physical relaxation. With less psychoactivity than Delta-9 THC, the THC that is in your everyday cannabis products. Delta 8 THC tends to produce a clear-headed, manageable feeling without the paranoia or anxiety that most people can feel with cannabis products. It can help people feel more in tune with themselves, more present in the mind, heightening the senses.

What is Delta 8?

Delta-8 (D8) is essentially the lesser known sibling to Delta-9  (D9), and while they are similar in that they are both psychotropic, D8 is approximately ½ – ⅔ as potent as D9. It is one of 100+ cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant, often in extremely low quantities with most dried cannabis flower containing less than 1% naturally.







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