Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care Naturally, Made by Doctors

Dr.’s REMEDY is a vegan polish, made by foot doctors, infused with organic, naturally healing ingredients.

The co-founders, who are also board certified podiatric surgeons, originally designed the brand as a healthier alternative to their patients. Now, Dr.’s REMEDY is sold by other physicians across the country and across the globe. The brand is the #1 doctor recommended nail polish for its luxe finish, broad appeal, spectrum of colors and long lasting performance not to mention its therapeutic benefits.

Dr.’s REMEDY can be worn cosmetically as an alternative for infection prevention and optimal nail health or used in conjunction with a prescribed treatment to ward off nail infection. Dr.’s REMEDY most recently launched an FDA approved Anti-fungal Cuticle Oil containing medicine which can be used daily for nail nourishment as well as a medicinal treatment for nail infection.









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