Simfort/Revitalize Your Hair Without Harmful Chemicals

1. Deep Cleanse Your Scalp and Hair

If the scalp is dirty and pores are clogged, it can lead to having a stunted hair growth or it might permanently stop growing. Naturally occurring 8000 ppm carbonic acid works like a magnet by attracting all of the clogging agents found on the surface of the scalp. That’s why SIMFORT can get rid of any form of dirt that affects your hair follicles and improve your scalp health.

2. Increase Blood Circulation in Scalp

The way your hair grows is dependent on the level of blood circulation going on in your hair follicles. SIMFORT has gone through a pharmaceutical test where it’s proven that it indeed helps to circulate blood on your scalp. When the blood circulation of your scalp improves, the roots of your hair become healthier and stronger, which allows hair to grow as it naturally should.

3. Stimulate Hair Growth With Natural Ingredients

SIMFORT does not use any harmful ingredients, it’s paraben-free, sulfate-free, and SLS-free. All of our ingredients are natural with no side effects. Our proprietary formula includes Swertia Japonica extract which is proven to promote hair growth. These natural ingredients will moisturize your hair roots and encourage your hair growth.


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